Multitasker Dream Software

“Virtual” multiple desktops is something I have dabbled with on and off for the last couple of years. No one software has manged to wow me till now, it’s called WindowsPager. Simple, open source and unique all at the bargain price of $0 – once you download (only 330kb) and run this software you are ready to start managing multiple desktops.


After you launch WindowsPager you are given 3 more desktops to keep all your different applications organized. To move programs around simply right click on the windows title bar and select which desktop to move it to. You can also move an application by holding down ctrl and dragging the icon to the desired workspace. A great feature is the flashing icon that will update you when a window has been activated, great for those IM conversations.

Do your photo editing in one desktop, keep track of your e-mail in another and do all your web surfing in yet another, WindowsPager is a powerful tool that may be just what your inner multi-tasker needs to keep on top of things.

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