Dropbox – EASY Online Backup

Up-to-date backups are one of those nagging little things that you know you should be doing, but you never seem to find the time to do. Most people don’t take it seriously until after their first major data loss and they realize it’s start over or pay thousands of dollars to a data recovery service (yes most recovery’s start at $1,000 and up).

Enter Dropbox – seamless, automatic backup’s across computers and platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux). Dropbox has just came out of private beta testing and is now open to the world. Accounts are free for up to 2gb of data and $100 per year for up to 50gb of data (paid accounts coming this week). And if you thought that was good they also have some other great features such as versioning, undelete, photo sharing, web access to files, private sharing of folders among other Dropbox users and public file sharing (even with non-Dropbox users).

The possibilities for this little piece of software are amazing, with Dropbox anyone could easily:

  • Set up a private network with family members to share photos and documents
  • Set up a common drive for remote and virtual employees
  • Set up a home network to share music and photos between computers

This is by far the killer backup application for anyone looking for a feature rich, hands off, cross platform backup system that above everything else… just works.

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