1. Mark, I refuse to update my iphone. The reason: the two previous times I attempted a upgrade of the phone…the upgrade froze when it was verifying. Once the upgrade actually froze the phone. Apple had to replace it.

    So now when the phone needs to be upgraded I take it into the Apple store and let them do it. It is a pain in the a@# to do it this way…but better than having my phone freeze.

  2. I have been lucky so far in my upgrades but I am on a Mac. I know a few people on Windows that also had problems similar to yours in the beginning but I think things have gotten better for them over time. Neat site, didn’t know there was so much you could do with Potatos!

  3. Hi Mark, wanted to check out what you did with customizing Thesis, from seeing your post om DYI. I thought I would point out to you a grammatical error (since you are a writer and probably care about these things). On the right sidebar where you say, “I Love, You Will To,” it should be “Too.” I don’t mean for you to post this comment – it is just meant for you alone.
    Like your layout – take care,

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