What do you Really do all Day?

Ever wonder where the time goes as you sit and your computer hour after hour? For better of for worse RescueTime will let you know where your time is going with all the nifty features you would expect from a Web 2.0 app. You install a small app that sits in your taskbar that monitors your computer usage and uploads it to your personal RescueTime dashboard. Don’t worry you can turn logging off when ever you want – lunch and weekends for example 😉

RescueTime is a web-based time management tool (currently in public beta). We offer:

* The ability to see exactly how you spend your time. No data entry, no effort– Your time gets tracked down to the second without you having to actively track it.

* Instant and easy time-management analytics. Instantly know how much time you’re spending on a particular app (like “Microsoft Word”), site (like “Google.com”) or a category (like “Communication”).

* The ability to set time management goals (daily or weekly) and receive notification when you meet (or fail to meet) your goals (coming soon!)

* Tools to see how you compare to other people in your industry (coming soon!)

Check it out at www.rescuetime.com