Softphones and VOIP on Leopard Troubles

I finally made the jump from Windows to Mac at the start of the new year and haven’t looked back since. So far only 2 major issues have come up in the transition, moving from Quickbooks and finding a VOIP softphone that works in Leopard and connects to our Asterisk box.

After a week of trying a slew of soft phones, I still have not found a working Leopard softphone that provides the same quality as my previous Windows solution, Zoiper.

* Update *

The new version of X-Lite works great! Try it out if you still haven’t found your Mac VOIP solution.

Mac SoftPhones Found so far:

Loudhush – Mac look and feel, supports most codecs. Free version is limited to 5 min calls – $18 to upgrade to unlimited use.

Zoiper – Works great in Windows, poor Mac version… crashes system frequently.

OpenWengo – Works better then most Mac SIP phones on Leopard, however still crashes randomly. Had to use the beta universal version to get it working on Leopard, download it here.

XMeeting – Suppose to work great but I could never get it to connect to my Asterisk box…

SJPhone – Untested, but Mac version doesn’t look like it has been updated for a while so I’m guessing it wouldn’t be a good experience.

X-Lite – Works great in initial tests!

NCH Express Talk – Works great in windows, Mac version seems to be an afterthought, poor audio quality when I tested it.

I have tried testing through my wireless card and through the LAN with no success. All testing was done on an Intel 15′ Mac Pro – anyone out there have any success with Leopard and VOIP?