Softphones and VOIP on Leopard Troubles

I finally made the jump from Windows to Mac at the start of the new year and haven’t looked back since. So far only 2 major issues have come up in the transition, moving from Quickbooks and finding a VOIP softphone that works in Leopard and connects to our Asterisk box.

After a week of trying a slew of soft phones, I still have not found a working Leopard softphone that provides the same quality as my previous Windows solution, Zoiper.

* Update *

The new version of X-Lite works great! Try it out if you still haven’t found your Mac VOIP solution.

Mac SoftPhones Found so far:

Loudhush – Mac look and feel, supports most codecs. Free version is limited to 5 min calls – $18 to upgrade to unlimited use.

Zoiper – Works great in Windows, poor Mac version… crashes system frequently.

OpenWengo – Works better then most Mac SIP phones on Leopard, however still crashes randomly. Had to use the beta universal version to get it working on Leopard, download it here.

XMeeting – Suppose to work great but I could never get it to connect to my Asterisk box…

SJPhone – Untested, but Mac version doesn’t look like it has been updated for a while so I’m guessing it wouldn’t be a good experience.

X-Lite – Works great in initial tests!

NCH Express Talk – Works great in windows, Mac version seems to be an afterthought, poor audio quality when I tested it.

I have tried testing through my wireless card and through the LAN with no success. All testing was done on an Intel 15′ Mac Pro – anyone out there have any success with Leopard and VOIP?

New WordPress 2.5 Out!

WordPress 2.5 has been released and it’s a big one – so what’s new you ask? Well grab a cup a coffee and pull up a chair, this is going to take a while.

  • Redesigned admin interface
  • New dashboard with a quick view on all the important goings on
  • Multifile uploading with progress bars
  • One-click upgrading of plugins
  • Built in photo gallery
  • Media Library
  • Better WYSIWYG Post and Page editor
  • Search posts and page built in
  • Tag editor
  • EXIF Extraction
  • Concurrent editing protection
  • Password strength meter
  • and a lot lot more…

There have also been many improvements under the hood such as database optimization, secure cookies, salted passwords and inline documentation among others.

This is one of the biggest upgrades I have seen to WordPress in recent memory and I highly recommend checking it out.

Screen shots

Dashboard 2.5

Manage Posts

Multitasker Dream Software

“Virtual” multiple desktops is something I have dabbled with on and off for the last couple of years. No one software has manged to wow me till now, it’s called WindowsPager. Simple, open source and unique all at the bargain price of $0 – once you download (only 330kb) and run this software you are ready to start managing multiple desktops.


After you launch WindowsPager you are given 3 more desktops to keep all your different applications organized. To move programs around simply right click on the windows title bar and select which desktop to move it to. You can also move an application by holding down ctrl and dragging the icon to the desired workspace. A great feature is the flashing icon that will update you when a window has been activated, great for those IM conversations.

Do your photo editing in one desktop, keep track of your e-mail in another and do all your web surfing in yet another, WindowsPager is a powerful tool that may be just what your inner multi-tasker needs to keep on top of things.

Get it now:

Create a PDF from Anything

What many people don’t realize is that PDF is a Federal Information Processing Standard, which means the specifications behind the format are widely published. Numerous developers take advantage of this fact and create programs that offer effective alternatives to Acrobat.

doPDF is one of these alternatives that works great and allows you to create a PDF from anything, and best of all it’s free. When you download and install doPDF it creates a “virtual” printer, anytime you want to create a PDF you simply print to the doPDF printer. The document is then saved as a PDF in the location of your choosing. If you can print it, you can convert it to a PDF with doPDF.

Check it out at:

Simplify your Billing with “Simplify This”

Do you accept payments online for your services? A new start up called Simplify This may make your job easier.

  • Get complete overview of your business.
  • Send professional invoices and quotes over email.
  • Accept online payments.
  • Automate periodic invoices.
  • Track day-to-day charges.

and much much more, check out all the features at:

Get a free account for sending up to 3 invoices a month!

What do you Really do all Day?

Ever wonder where the time goes as you sit and your computer hour after hour? For better of for worse RescueTime will let you know where your time is going with all the nifty features you would expect from a Web 2.0 app. You install a small app that sits in your taskbar that monitors your computer usage and uploads it to your personal RescueTime dashboard. Don’t worry you can turn logging off when ever you want – lunch and weekends for example 😉

RescueTime is a web-based time management tool (currently in public beta). We offer:

* The ability to see exactly how you spend your time. No data entry, no effort– Your time gets tracked down to the second without you having to actively track it.

* Instant and easy time-management analytics. Instantly know how much time you’re spending on a particular app (like “Microsoft Word”), site (like “”) or a category (like “Communication”).

* The ability to set time management goals (daily or weekly) and receive notification when you meet (or fail to meet) your goals (coming soon!)

* Tools to see how you compare to other people in your industry (coming soon!)

Check it out at

Are you in the Market for a New Vehicle?

Are you tired of long commutes and busy highways? Maybe it’s time to take to the sky with the “The Eclipse 5OOâ„¢ Very Light Jet”. With seating for 5 a range of 1,300nm and a top speed of 370kt, road trips will take on a new meaning.

Where else better to buy one then eBay? Well almost… Eclipse Aviation is offering a shiny new jet straight off the manufacturing line along with flying lessons to the winner of the public auction on their website. An auction that is powered by eBay technology.

The perfect gift for that special someone that has everything: Click here to view the auction