Reward Programs – Not just for the big boys

Thank you note

I came across through an article written by my amazing invoicing / time tracking web application. Sticky Street is a customer loyalty web application targeted towards small business. With Sticky Street your business can easily create, manage, and track your own custom client loyalty and gift card programs with or without plastic cards or additional equipment – anywhere you have Internet access.

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Escape Awkard Situations

Not sure how a date or meeting is going to go? Schedule a automated call from (GetMeOutOfHere) to ring your cell at a predetermined time. will call you with the automated messaged you picked and give you a chance to escape that mind numbing meeting. is free and works in most countries.

Try it today!

PS: Crank calls are not recommended as it gives out your number at the end of the call. 😉

Searching your Gmail Account

If you’re like me your Gmail account now has thousands of e-mails and the simple search is not cutting it anymore. The real power in Gmail comes from using search operators to narrow your search results like the examples below:

If I want the email Lisa sent me with her flight information so I know when to pick her up at the airport, I type from:lisa SFO. Likewise:

  • A link from my co-worker Michael: from:michael http
  • A photo from my mom: from:mom has:attachment
  • That last chat I had with one of the Gmail product managers: keith is:chat
  • All messages from ebay that aren’t outbid notices: ebay -outbid (the hyphen tells Gmail to return all of the messages that don’t contain the word that follows it)
  • The messages in my inbox sent directly to me that I haven’t read yet: to:me is:unread in:inbox

You can limit the scope of your search to a particular subject (subject:) or label (label:) as well. And you can get pretty fancy. Recently, I was trying to remember the date of my friend’s April birthday. I always send her a birthday email, so I searched to:maya (birthday OR bday) after:2007/4/1 before:2007/5/1. It’s the 19th.

For a complete listing of operators check out the Google support site here.

Convert files Online for Free

Being unable to view a document because you don’t have the latest software is a thing of the past with ZamZar. ZamZar is a free online document conversion tool that allows you to upload a document(s) and have it converted into a format you can open.

They have an exhausted list of conversion types that you can view here. I recently had a chance to try this out when a client who sent me a docx file from Microsoft 2007. The process is simple upload the file, pick which type you want to receive back and hit submit. A couple minutes later my Office 2003 compatible file arrived safe and sound to my e-mail box.

Try it out at:

What do you Really do all Day?

Ever wonder where the time goes as you sit and your computer hour after hour? For better of for worse RescueTime will let you know where your time is going with all the nifty features you would expect from a Web 2.0 app. You install a small app that sits in your taskbar that monitors your computer usage and uploads it to your personal RescueTime dashboard. Don’t worry you can turn logging off when ever you want – lunch and weekends for example 😉

RescueTime is a web-based time management tool (currently in public beta). We offer:

* The ability to see exactly how you spend your time. No data entry, no effort– Your time gets tracked down to the second without you having to actively track it.

* Instant and easy time-management analytics. Instantly know how much time you’re spending on a particular app (like “Microsoft Word”), site (like “”) or a category (like “Communication”).

* The ability to set time management goals (daily or weekly) and receive notification when you meet (or fail to meet) your goals (coming soon!)

* Tools to see how you compare to other people in your industry (coming soon!)

Check it out at

Are you in the Market for a New Vehicle?

Are you tired of long commutes and busy highways? Maybe it’s time to take to the sky with the “The Eclipse 5OOâ„¢ Very Light Jet”. With seating for 5 a range of 1,300nm and a top speed of 370kt, road trips will take on a new meaning.

Where else better to buy one then eBay? Well almost… Eclipse Aviation is offering a shiny new jet straight off the manufacturing line along with flying lessons to the winner of the public auction on their website. An auction that is powered by eBay technology.

The perfect gift for that special someone that has everything: Click here to view the auction